Bottom Bracket Sizes

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There are many types and sizes of bottom brackets, below are the most common BMX styles

  1. The original Bottom Bracket for BMX, referred to as an "American" style, the bearing rests in a cups that are pressed into the frame, the bearings for these are large and durable, but typically heavier than other types.
  2. Mid Bottom Brackets use bearings that are pressed directly into the frame without the use of a cup, leaving a flush fit. The bearings are strong, but slightly heavier than Spanish bearings.
  3. Spanish Bottom Brackets use a bearing that presses directly into the frame without the use of a cup for a clean, flush look. Spanish bearings are larger than the European bearings, but still smaller than the American bearings.
  4. European Bottom Brackets use small cups that thread into the frame, making installation real easy. Since the bearings are small, most European Bottom Bracket kits use four bearings to spread the load.


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