Seat Post & Clamp Sizes

Please note, these sizes are just a guide, we always suggest you measure the actual internal & external sizes of your seat post tube on your frame to get the correct sizing.

Most old school BMX's use a 22.2mm - 7/8" seat post and a 25.4mm - 1" seat post clamp

The next size up is a 25.4mm - 1" seat post and a 28.6mm - 1 1/8" seat post clamp - these 25.4mm posts reduce down to 22.2mm at the top where the seat guts mount.

For BMX's seat post come basically 4 styles, Straight, Layback, Layback with support & Snake

Seat posts are available in a variety of metals including Aluminium, Mild Steel & Chrome Moly

Straight 22.2mm Straight 25.4mm Layback 22.2mm Layback Support 22.2mm Snake 22.2mm