Tyres & Sidewalls

Tread Patterns

Over the years there has been 100's of tread patterns from many different manufacturers, below are some of the basic designs to give you a guide as to which tread pattern is which.

Comp 2

Comp 3

Snake Belly




There is 3 basic types of sidewalls on BMX tyres, Skinwall, Gumwall & Blackwall or (Solid Colour), Gumwall & Blackwall are virtually identical in construction and weight, A Gumwall tyre may be coloured by dies or natural colour, with these tyres rubber is moulded completely around the casting bead. It is a very strong and reliable design.

With Skinwall tyres the sidewall essentially consists of only a woven cloth siding that makes up the casting. Rubber is only moulded onto the surface that makes up the tread surface. A slight coating may exist on the cloth itself, but it is usually so thin that you can still see the actual fibres and strands that make up the casting. The advantage of the Skinwall tyre is its extreme light weight, which makes it ideal for racing. A disadvantage is a weaker sidewall which means the tyre is more susceptible to damage.

The pictures below will give you a basic idea of which is which




Black Wall (Solid)